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Website Design & Development

Beautify Website, SEO-Ready, Mobile Friendly & Fast Design. Tailor-made for Private Practice Professionals, Therapists, and Mental Health Business!

Stand out from the crowd with a modern website that’s 100% unique to your counseling / private practice. We only design polished websites that lend therapists, mental health businesses credibility and trust with visitors. All SEO-ready, fast, and mobile-friendly! We focus on Private Practice Website Design. Set up a 30-minute consultation today! Click Here!

Our Private Practice Website Design / Development Core Services Include:

Modern / Tailor-Made
Your private practice website design will be modern, follow current standards, and tailor-made specifically for your private practice.
You private practice website will be SEO-Ready in order to rank high on Google for targeted keywords.
We only design websites that are light-speed, mobile-friendly, intuitive with amazing user experience.

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Dr. Laura Louis
Within 6 months, I went from having 2 to 3 paid 'out of pocket' clients per week to 20+. I was so overwhelmed, I had to hire other therapists to help me! Thanks to the great professionals at who redesigned my website and flooded me with clients by ranking our website on the top of Google's Search Engine for many local keywords!
Dr. Laura Louis
Psychologist, P.hD, Atlanta Couple Therapy
Brad Brenner, PH.D
What would we do without the professionals at Slyce? We don't know. Their professionalism is incomparable. However, it's the number cash-only therapy clients their processes send us on a daily basis that makes us super happy!
Brad Brenner, PH.D
Psychologist, Therapy Group DC
Dr. Brandy Engler
Slyce Media designed a beautiful, fast, and mobile-friendly website. We also hired them to bring us clients via organic traffic (SEO), Pay-per-Click campaigns and managing our social interactions. Best money ever spent. Return on investments is over 600%!
Dr. Brandy Engler
Clinical Psychologist and Founder

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