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ChatGPT SEO / Ranking

The Only Private Practice & Mental Health ChatGPT SEO / Ranking Service

ChatGPT is one of the most popular sites in the world. According to SimilarWeb, ChatGPT is the 28th most popular site in the world. It generates 1.4 billion visitors a month and people are using it to ask questions or even perform tasks as basic as writing content or creating code.

But did you know that people are using ChatGPT to help find and evaluate psychologists, therapists, relationship coaches and mental health professionals? That's why doing ChatGPT SEO is so valuable for your business.
Local SEO is great, but it doesn’t stop with Google or Bing. You can optimize for ChatGPT and Bard. How we will make ChatGPT and Band recommend your Private Practice or Mental Health company! Here's how we will do it!
Brand mentions:
  • how many times was brand, or product mentioned around the web? The more often it is mentioned the more likely ChatGPT and Band will recommend it.
  • There is a big correlation between the keywords in the question users ask ChatGPT and the products and companies it recommended. Those keywords must be in almost all cases exist on your web pages around the web that mention your product and services.
  • Not only do reviews matter, but the more the better as well as the rating. So if you find a lot of people reviewing your brand whether it is on your own site or on sites like Trust Pilot, Psychology Today, or even BBB, it helps (assuming the reviews are good in general).


  • Are your services or company recommended old or new? The older your services, products or business, the more likely ChatGPT and Band will recommend yours.

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